Aaron Scruggs

Entrepreneur in Austin, Texas

My strengths are in product management & software engineering; specifically around market validation, technical & process oriented feedback loops, rapid prototyping, OWASP/SOC II compliance, along with scalable AWS solutions.

I spent the last 7.5 years at AcademicWorks (a SAAS based web-application in the HigherED market). I was employee #1 and saw the company through to a $50MM acquisition. As CTO, I lead both the Engineering & Product Management teams.

I am primarily interested in building a fantastic company in a boring space. I like “small company” over “startup”, “bootstrap / angel investment” over “VC” and “market research” over “big ideas”. Machine learning is currently opening up new opportunities in markets that had previously been seen as mature. I find this very interesting. That being said, there are far more chances to get this wrong than right.

EOS / “Traction”, Pragmatic Marketing, “Small Giants”, “5 Dysfunctions of a Team” and “If You Build It Will They Come” have had the most profound impact on how I start, grow & lead companies.